Virtual Network SA

Virtual Network is a private company investing in digital assets & founders since 1997.

Our evergreen investment holding is majority owned by St├ęphane Pictet with also the Swiss public company TX Group as a shareholder.

We invest 360┬░ with discipline, where we have curiosity, passion, added value and strong convictions.

Here are some of our past ventures :

Zong (from seed > sold to Paypal) (incubated > sold to Actiplay)
Invibes (from seed > IPO)
Vidcoin (from seed > sold to Voodoo) (incubated > sold to Baloise Group) (sold to a private company)
Metaco (from Series A > sold to Ripple)

While having an operational and strategic focus in Switzerland, we also appreciate assisting smart entrepreneurs from all continents. Please feel free to contact us if you are an early-stage startup with a strong competitive advantage, scalable and validated business model.

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